About Us



Aquafiend Swimwear is based out of sunny South Florida, with a love for all things water. We spend most of our time in the sun and on the water, so we wanted to create original apparel that would make a statement. We have created original hand painted designs and matched them up with the best quality apparel and accessories. Our performance apparel line was created not only to merge handmade art and creativity with quality products, but to encourage ocean and wildlife support. With a profound love of the ocean and ocean life, we are full supporters of saving them both! We donate a portion of each purchase to support ocean life. With our SPF 50 moisture wicking shirts, our goal is to keep you protected while you also play a role in protecting our oceans. We hope our apparel encourages you to kick back and enjoy the sun and water addicted lifestyle.
Take a splash and make a statement.
✌  Steff & Josh